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Re: Input jacks for SS Ampeg amp

7/28/1998 8:16 AM
Re: Input jacks for SS Ampeg amp addition to the good advice on touching up the solder joints on all the other jack tabs (cook them good, with some additional fresh solder), I always glue the jack body down to the board for extra support. Sometimes 5-minute epoxy, sometimes hot-melt glue. It's asking too much for circuit board foil to support the flexing due to the mechanical advantage of the long moment arm of the guitar cable plug in the jack. Glue keeps the jack from rocking.  
This kind of thing ticks me off. One extra step at the factory would increase the reliability of these mass produced circuit board amps. I'm talkin' Crate, Fender, Peavey, etc. ...Then, it does make for a steady repair business, not unlike mufflers & tailpipes.

Bruce Holcomb WOW thanks for all the help I'm jus... -- 7/28/1998 8:33 PM