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Re: '62 Princeton again

7/25/1998 11:07 PM
Re: '62 Princeton again
I went to my local Celestion distributor last week to pick up some V-30s and was RUDELY awaken with an additionl $22.00 per speaker wholesale cost from the month before. What a shock!!  
That's a HUGE jump at wholesale and my wholesale cost now approaches or exceeds what the most retail mail order shops were selling them for less then 30days ago.  
I think I am in the market for a new speaker company.  
This speaker price thing is getting absurd.  
Had this happen to you yet?  
I've tried all the MOJO Eminince speakers and the price is right and the tone is OK for most but, some are very so-so.  
Did anyone read that Eminence speaker item in Guitar Player with Mark from Victoria?  

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