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Re: BF Showman

7/8/1998 6:40 PM
JoeRe: BF Showman
I own a Blackface dual showman and a silverface dual showmann reverb. I am a BIG showman fanatic. Here's some info:  
1. Your cabinet is probably not the original. The Showman came with either 1 12" or 1 15" JBL speaker. The Dual Showman only came with a 2 x 15" JBL speaker setup.  
2. A single showman has a 47 ohm resistot to ground on the phase invertor feedback circuit, the DUAL has a 100 Ohm.  
3. The dual showman has part number 022889 on the output transformer. Can you let me know what the number is on yours, I have been looking at these for a while and as far as I can tell this applies to Black face as well as most non master volume silvrface amps.

Darren Athens Hey Joe, I have a BF showman, it's ... -- 7/14/1998 5:15 PM