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Re: 12AU6 sub 12AW6?

7/8/1998 12:38 PM
Re: 12AU6 sub 12AW6?
OK, that may work, if you're going to slave the high power amp from a direct-out voltage divider off the 50C5's speaker winding. If you do this, make sure you don't end up with any short circuit ground paths connecting the signal from the small AC/DC amp to the 20w amp. Or, if you plan to just toggle the preamp stage's output (12AW6) between the rest of the small amp and the input of the big amp, that would be OK, too.  
Since you plan to build an entire amp + power supply for the 20w section, which will undoubtedly have 6vac heater supply, why not make your 3 watt amp module using 6-volt tubes, a 6AU6 (or 12AX7 wired for 6v) and a 6AQ5 output tube at about 250vdc. Keep the existing little amp intact for a practice amp, or eventually sell it. There are, obviously, almost endless possibilities when you get caught up in this stuff.