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in the case silvertone amp tubes

5/13/1998 2:49 PM
henry castro
in the case silvertone amp tubes
I am a total newbie to electronic hobbying.  
I've had some AC and DC courses in college,  
and know which end of the soldering iron...  
A friend gave me his silvertone guitar/case  
amp combo to look at, and I was wondering if  
someone could help me find...:  
1 silvertone 12au6 tube  
1 silvertone 50c5 tube  
1 silvertone 35w4 tube  
needless to say the circuit looks SO easy, I  
would like to try build this circuit, and  
the 50c5 appears to be blown so I would like  
to replace it.  

Bruce Henry, I probably have all thos... -- 5/14/1998 12:52 AM