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Re: fender concert blows fuses

4/21/1998 1:57 PM
R.G.Re: fender concert blows fuses

This is what the Tube Amp Debugging Page is for. Go to http://www.eden/~keen/
" target="_blank">">http://www.eden/~keen/
and select the Tube Amp Debugging Page.  

Select the options for "No Sound At All" --> "Power Indicator Does Not Glow" --> "Fuse Blows". This will get you to the right section of things to check.  

You should use a slow blow fuse in there to contain the initial turn on surge. However, if it holds for ten minutes, that's not it. Fuses held at almost exactly their rating will blow after long periods of time. It is also possible that something is heating up and blowing the fuse after it gets hot and shorts. The debugging section should help with this too.  

mike thanks guys. i think first of all ... -- 4/22/1998 12:37 AM