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Re: BF Princeton Reverb Speaker Changeout

4/20/1998 1:57 PM
Re: BF Princeton Reverb Speaker Changeout
Referring to the 12" part of your question, I once made this conversion on a hot-rodded Princeton (Prince 'O-Wails mod). I made a new speaker baffle with hole for 12" driver, new grill cloth, and an Eminence copy(?) of an 80 watt celestion speaker. Who knows if it's a copy or not, but it sounds good, and costs half as much. Clean & strong, and you can't burn it out with a pair of 6V6's.  
I've also installed a 12" Eminence alnico magnet driver in a blackface Princeton Reverb which was stock, except for the hole in the baffle (which was already there when I bought the amp), and it sounds luscious for a small fender reverb amp.  
If I was going to keep it stock, I'd probably go with one of the Weber VST offerings, but don't have any direct experience with them yet. If you make up a new baffle for a modern 12" speaker, cut the hole about 2" off-center (check this dim. before cutting) to help the magnet clear the transformer & power tubes. You may not need this offset with the smaller magnet structure of the reissue alnico speakers.

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