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Re: Variac or Not?

3/4/1998 12:22 PM
Re: Variac or Not?
There's a way to feed your amp with the correct voltage without replacing transforms.  
Get a power line regulator intended for computer use (of the proper Watt rating). This kind of regulator costs less than US 30.00 and is basically a multi tapped auto transformer. As the input voltage varies, relays select the appropriated tap so that the output voltage remains more or less constant.  
You just have to buy one that has 110 V output (in my country most have, despite of the mains voltage being 127 V) or if you can't find one, open one that has 127 V output, disable the automatic switching and hard wire the output to a tap that gives you 110 V. It's cheaper, safer and easier to carry than a VARIAC, and also most offer also spike protection and line filtering as a side effect.

John Kos GFR, Did you mean $300 instead... -- 3/4/1998 3:07 PM