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Re: "Way too much"?

2/26/1998 1:08 PM
J FletcherRe: "Way too much"?
Well you can measure the current draw when the amp is at full power,and then add a bit for a safety margin.I've measured the current draw this way on several amps.On a Fender Bassman say,put your meter across the standby switch terminals,leave switch in the standby position,select DC ma position,hook up to a dummy load,feed in a 400hz signal,turn it up so it's well into clipping,and read the current draw on your meter.About 200ma for that particular amp.That's the maximum current.Now you can call the transformer company,really you can,and ask for their advice as to which transformer to select,if the amp that you're building was close to a Bassman,for instance.As to how to derive specs from an existing transformer,sorry,beats me....R.G.Keen would know though