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Re: 6AT6, 6AU6, 6AV6 amplification factor

2/9/1998 2:29 PM
Re: 6AT6, 6AU6, 6AV6 amplification factor
The 6AT6 has a u=70. The 6AV6 has a u=100, and is electrically equivalent to 1/2 of a 12AX7.  
Although the 6AV6 is like a 12AX7, you'll be lucky to find one that is not microphonic. If you have one, feel free to plug it in the 6AT6 socket. No harm will be done, and the gain will go up a little.  
The advantage to converting to a 12AX7 (you'll need to go to a 9-pin socket) is a wide selection of useable tubes. If this is a vintage amp in decent condition, I'd recommend against the socket mod.  
The 6AU6 is a pentode, with a different pinout, but to answer your question about gain, when wired as a triode the u=36.