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help me please

12/7/1997 11:15 PM
chip stephens
help me please
I own a crate blue voodoo 6212 amp its been in the shop over and over,yet it still seems messed up to me( #1) after the amp is on for like 15 min on the clean ch. I get a buzzing sound on some notes, mainly the g string 7th fret and above( #2) going from ch.2 to ch.1 or dirty to clean I get a very load pop its been this way and comes back from the shop the same way every time I have a 5 year warranty, @ 5 months old its been in the shop 2 months.should I ask crate for a new amp? or a different amp?my money back? help

R.G. Try another one in a store. If it d... -- 12/8/1997 8:14 PM