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the newbee

12/6/1997 5:41 AM
chip stephens
the newbee
this site is what Ive been looking for!!!! I own a crate blue voodoo 6212 its been in the shop alot but I think its all worked out, it has 2 sovtec 5881wxt, 4.sovtec7025 (12ax7)and one 12au7( china)I have no idea what the order of the tubes areV1 V2 ect.....trying to find a schematic on it anyway I tryed out groove tubes gt-el34ls in it and did not like them at all ,so any ideas for 12au7 and 12ax7s in a crate? US or NOS tubes any ideas I am most thankfull for chip

anonymous crate must be a bad word... -- 12/6/1997 8:17 PM