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Re: Ampeg Reverberocket 2

11/13/1997 10:47 PM
Matt Iddings
Re: Ampeg Reverberocket 2
There are several variations on the Reverberocket 2. Aspen Pittman's book [The Tube Amp Book] has the correct schematic. Ampeg usually favored a capacitance driven reverb. The Reverberocket is one of these. The pan should have an "F" as the second or third letter of the model #.[9F..... or 9AF....] Perhaps your pan is one of the more common transformer driven styles.[9AB....] The correct replacement can be gotten at Mojo Musical Supply or Magic Parts or New Sensor. Concerning the residual noise issue, try fixing the shielded reverb pan cables against the cab and as far from the speaker as possible. Thats right, these tube reverbs are fickle. Hope I've helped some!  
Matt Iddings

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