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Re: Magnatone 431 Reverb problem

11/5/1997 10:22 AM
Re: Magnatone 431 Reverb problem
Maybe you've found your answer already but if not here is some more (potentially misleading) info. The procedure I was trying to remember goes something like this... 1:Connect the device that you are trying to determine the Impedance of in series with a potentiometer. 2: Apply a small (1 volt, 1k hz?) AC signal. 3: Measure the voltage drop across the potentiometer. 4: Adjust the pot until the voltage drop is exactly 1/2 of the value of the input signal. 5: Disconnect the pot and measure it's resistance . The resistance of the pot is equal to the impedance of the device at that specific frequency. Now whether or not that is accurate enough is beyond me. (By the way I couldn't find this procedure in Webber's book)

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