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Re: Twin Reverb II array of problems

10/9/1997 7:15 PM
Steve Morrison
Re: Twin Reverb II array of problems
At this time (early 80's) NOBODY was buying Fender amps 'cuz they were all solid state. Fender (or should I say CBS) also had the bad taste to name the solid state amps after the old tube ones - there was a solid state Deluxe Reverb, Twin, etc.
What is this, Mike? Fender history from a parallel universe? Fender actually introduced their solid-state line in the late 60's, around '67-'68, and dropped it soon after because of poor sales. I don't believe they ever completely stopped making tube amps.

Mike Schulze Well ouch that smarts you got me. ... -- 10/9/1997 11:35 PM