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Dual Showman: Silverface to blackface?

10/8/1997 11:44 AM
Dual Showman: Silverface to blackface?
I am in the process of trying to restore a beat up silverface Dual Showman Reverb TFL5000D. There  
are at least two slightly different schematics for  
this amp in the Tube Amp Book(I say at least two,  
because my book split at the binding in between two Dual Showman schematics, losing some pages.)Figuring out which one mine is won't be a problem. My question is: Which Showman schematic should I convert it to?  
In the TAB it says that most silverface amps were  
changed back to pre-cbs circuits shortly after  
sales of the crappy amps stared to fall. Was this  
the case with Dual Showman? Let me mention that I  
am NOT happy with the way this amp sounds(clean and dead)but it was free.I've seen early Showman  
amps with presence knobs. Also, some with tube rectifiers. The Beatles used Dual Showmans(along with the rare Vox 7120)on the Revolver Album. Anybody know which version? Also, I was considering buying Weber's first book but others in this group say to ignore the advice in it. The Hoffman page calls it "The Fender Circuit Bible. Who's Right?  

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