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Re: Princeton Bias question

8/22/1997 2:30 AM
Re: Princeton Bias question
Salut Steve,  
Princeton amps are fixed bias amp. However, this value is too high and the amp runs nearly in class A.  
Cathode biased self biasing type causes loss of power. Of origin, the Princeton is not powerful...  
Choose to add the potentiometer afterwhat you will be able to adjust the current for any grade of power tubes. Next time you change them, it will take only a few minutes to bias your amp.  
Look to the 22k resistor in parallel with the capacitor. Replace it for: a 15k fixed resistor and a 10k potentiometer in series. The point at the junction of these two components is connected to the wire (the wire connected to the two 220k resistor).  
You must use a stong or good quality pot because if it breaks, your 6V6 will blow quickly.  
Bonne bricole (or good D.I.Y),  

STeve Keay Hi Hubert,,,Thanks very much fo... -- 8/22/1997 5:33 AM