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Re: Overdrive Tone Forum

8/8/1997 6:05 AM
Bob K.
Re: Overdrive Tone Forum
Bill, You've stated, far more eloquently, what my point has been. The best "tone" I think that I have ever gotten from any amp setup was many, many years ago when I took the line out of a Fender Super Champ (it was a tap off the speaker) and fed this directly into the 'power amp in' of an Accoustic 165 (100 watts, 6L6's, EV speaker). When I would push the Super Champ it's 6V6's would just sing and that tone, added to the Accoustics power amp section was just wonderful. Unfortunately this was done in my younger days when slaving amps was "cool" so I abandoned the setup for the sake of convention. Anyway, for years now I have been mulling over this idea of how to get the effects of both pre- and power amp "response" into a single unit which can then be used as strictly an overdrive unit, not a small practice amp. My thoughts on this unit are such: the preamp would be a multi-channel affair with the ability to select between a clean and "dirty" setting. The user would then have the option of sending the signal from either channel, or both channels, to the power amp or directly out. Combinations like so: 1) Clean ->power amp -> output to main amp, 2)Clean -> output to main amp, 3)Dirty -> output to main amp, 4)Dirty -> power amp -> output to main amp. The design would allow any variable combinations of preamp drive and power amp drive. Essentially this is all any overdrive/distortion box on the market today is trying to do. They do it by shaping the signal and pumping it up to send the preamp stage, and consequently the power amp stage, of your amp into overdrive. So my quest and question still is, can we build a low power unit that includes preamp and power amp functionality and response whose output signal can be slaved into another amp that will accurately emulate the tone and "feel" of an amp that is running wide open even if the amp it is slaved to is not running wide open. It has to be possible......I mean if I have a CD of some really great guitar work/tone, I don't have to crank my stereo up to the max to be able to hear it.