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Re: Differential amplifiers?

8/7/1997 9:34 AM
Erik M. Wood
Re: Differential amplifiers?
You're right, the forum does say "Guitar Amps - General", but I've found this group to be so full of good ideas and people who know about all types of tube equipment that I wanted to expand its horizons a little. I first became interested in tubes because I play guitar (sort of). But, as I gathered information and taught myself about the technology behind guitar amps, I caught a glimpse of a vast world of tube gear -including hifi and pro recording gear- which merited attention. I think it is important for guitar guys who want to better understand their amps to take some time to study what it is about tubes that sounds so good. I'm sort of on a mission to raise peoples awareness of what the consumer industry has done to our music (e.g. digital: "CDs sound better than everything else and they will last forever" ha!), and how we may help to right those wrongs by showing people what music is really supposed to sound like. When I ran my music through tubes, for the first time, the difference was enough to make me cry.  
I digress, here. The point is that why should we stop at guitar amps? The more we get people excited about tube equipment of all kinds, indeed, the more we learn about how tube circuits work, the better our guitar amps are going to get, too. I think of it as the law of demand to which the law of supply must cater.  
Forgive my blathering, I do tend to run off at the keyboard.  
To address your question about guitar amps being "another story", I meant that they are intentionally pushed into heavy distortion by design. That is a little different from the early stages of overload described in Hamm's article which account for the psychoacoustical perception of loudness, punch, and tonal color. Indeed, they are all desirable qualities in a guitar amp. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, when you play your amp "clean", you are doing just what he described. The input stage of your guitar amp is still not capable of handling hard strumming or strong attack transients without some overload. That causes the same characteristics he described.  
Ahhhhh... tubes.  
Anyway, I forgot what I was talking about.  

Dave Harris Erik,If you think the CD is... -- 8/8/1997 8:54 AM