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previous: Steve M. Hi,I have a Bogen CHB-100 c... -- 7/21/1997 1:33 PM View Thread

Re: Anyone heard of Bogen Amps?

7/21/1997 2:53 PM
Erik M. Wood
Re: Anyone heard of Bogen Amps?
Steve, your CHB-100 sounds exactly like my CHB-35 except that yours has an extra pair of output tubes. They are of the same variety -7868. I am curious, in the book you mentioned, was there a schematic for the 35 watt version? I need one of those, myself. If not, in your travels, did you come across any info on Bogen which might prove useful?  

David Axr Erik, Steve,Why don't you t... -- 7/21/1997 6:48 PM