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Anyone heard of Bogen Amps?

7/18/1997 3:21 PM
Erik M. Wood
Anyone heard of Bogen Amps?
Has anyone ever heard of a company called Bogen? It was apparently based in Paramus New Jersey in the 60's. I am not sure when it went out of business, but I recently picked up a tube PA system at a flea market which bears it's name. The front panel says Bogen Challenger, with the model number CHB-35. It works, the tubes light up and everything, but I don't have the user's manual or a schamatic of the thing for reference. I am interested in tinkering with the thing. It has some interesting features, like a 70 Volt output along with the preamp output. I have been told this is to power remote distribution amps for long cable runs without signal degradation. If anyone knows anything about this company or can give me some suggestions on where to get more information/ manual/schematics, please reply here. I would really appreciate it.  

S.Fillipp You bet! I'll bet three quarters of... -- 7/19/1997 9:26 PM