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Re: Why are British watts louder than American wat

6/17/1997 12:29 AM
Dave Harris
Re: Why are British watts louder than American wat
The bit of our tiny islands which is often referred to as Britain by our friends across the pond is in fact England. Britain is the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so I had Scotland covered. The Scots, Welsh and the IRA in Ireland may not think much of the union but they didn’t get much choice in the matter.  
Keep the insults coming. I asked for ‘em but what I am actually looking for is how amp makers rate their amps because I don’t want us to be conned by misleading ads.  
eg. A 25W amp could be rated at 25W continuous average power into the rated load for 1% distortion or it could be rated 25W peak music power at 10% distortion. I just want to know what I am getting. Makers of car music systems seem to be able to get 100W on the front of what I would call a 10W amp.

John Martin I believe most amp makers now use... -- 6/17/1997 12:54 AM