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Re: Which Fender to build?

5/10/1997 7:04 PM
R.G. Keen
Re: Which Fender to build?
A single EL84 won't give you 10W. More like 2-3W, maybe as much as 5 if you push the power supply and biasing. You get about four times the available single ended power by going from single tube class A to Class AB push pull.  
By the way, I vastly prefer the 3-5W single ended output stage sound. My favorite setup is a 6AQ5A (bought about a cubic foot of them for $5!!) in single ended at about 3W. You can drive the tube  
nuts with overdrive and not burn anything out. Then you can use those ugly, heavy 100W per channel solid state things to power the real speakers. It works very well indeed.

Mike Tatro That's what I'm thinking. I'm plann... -- 5/12/1997 12:07 AM