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Supro Amp 7027 Conversion

4/12/1997 2:46 PM
Rob Prosper
Supro Amp 7027 Conversion
I am looking for a schematic for a cathode biased 7027 Supro made amp. My intention is to change the power tubes to more accessable 6550 . I have seen the conversions for Ampegs but these are fixed biased amps. Please post any sources for a schematic. If anyone has done a conversion of a cathode biased 7027 to either a 6550 or EL34 I would like to here about your experience.  
The amp I am working on is actually a Grestch Electromatic with a 15" Jensen but it was made by Supro or Valco in 1959. I believe the name of the identical Supro is a Guitar/ Accordian Combo or a Rhythm Master.

Jason Check out Aspen Pittman's Book - It... -- 4/23/1997 1:56 PM