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Re: univox amp

3/24/1997 12:19 AM
John Martin
Re: univox amp
I have one of these amps. Bought it for $30 at a flea market. The tubes can be found. The 6973 are $26 form Atique Elecronic supply the 6CA4 is $9.90. This was a very common tube at one time used in small audio gear. The filter cap can can be replaced by a 32/32 500v LCR and a third discrete cap 33uf at 450v. I found most of the caps in the amp to be leaky and thus the amp had no tremolo, weak reverb, low power.  
This amp was a pain to work on and I did a major conversion job with a new power trans, power tubes, etc. It now runs a pair of 6V6 output tubes and a 5V4 rectifier tube, using a Fender Deluxe power transformer. Had to punch the chassis for larger tubes. In hindsight it wasn't worth the effort. You could convert the power tubes to 6BQ5/7198 but the bias and screen supplys and the tube socket wiring will have to be reworked.  
Phone numbers, etc Antique Electronic Supply  
602 820 5411  
Check Angela Instruments web page ( for capacitors, and they may also have the tubes.