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Re: Differences between 12ax7's

3/13/1997 12:19 AM
TomRe: Differences between 12ax7's
I personally do not like any of the Sovtek 12AX7s. They tend to have a very short life in applications where plate voltages are over 250 volts, such as the pre-CBS mod to Fender's pre-amp. They sound good out of the box, but after 40-50 hours they tend to develop alot of noise and microphonics. I admit these cases are somewhat isolated, but more-so than NOS USA tubes. If you shop the net, you can find good USA tubes for about twice what you'd pay for the select+ 12AX7s. I think the comparison to Telefunken smooth plates is mainly hype. How can a tube with 1/3 the plate size sound like and last as long as the Telefunken??? I would buy used and tested USA 12AX7s before I'd use Sovteks. If the circuit uses lower voltages, Sovteks are probably acceptable, if you are in a pinch.  

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