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My First Champ

4/19/1999 8:29 PM
barry King
My First Champ
Well I finally did it. I bought a Fender amp that I can actually use and want to keep. My first Fender amp was a 25SE and it got traded for a Subway Rocket -- not bad clean but very crappy overdrive and weak 'verb IMO.  
Anyway, this lil silver face Champ was purchased for $107 including tax. It appears to be all original. The speaker has the blue Fender logo p/n 023044 with 8EV-52 and 465-808 also appearig on the speaker. The output tranny is 606 7 3A. Blue/silver grille cloth, Fender logo with "tail". Silver trim around the grille.  
Based on what I have been able to find, I think this makes it a '67?  
Although nifty, and correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think this particular unit falls into the collectible category. I plan to hot rod it for use through a cabinet.  
I'll dive into some research first then probably pester people with questions and solicit suggestions. =)  
For starters, the sound when cranked is kind of "flubby". I am not sure if is the speaker, the 6V6 or a combination of both. The 6V6 glows a rather brilliant orange, almost red, but definitely more orange than any of my other amps. Other amps I have use either EL34s or 6L6s. I think I'll leave everything as is for now until I decide what I should do with the unit.  

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