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Re: Speaking of heaters...

4/14/1999 10:03 PM
Steve A.
Re: Speaking of heaters...
    And I always thought that those letters (like F-EG) referred to the initials of the draftsman! As to the descrepancy you noted, I believe that the "F-EG" date would refer to when the drawing was actually made, while the "5F6" would refer to when they actually came up with the design. (Earlier drawings may have had errors, or were not "ready for prime time".)  
    BTW if a 5F6A tweed bassman was designed in 1956, why is the '59 model deemed to be the Holy Grail amp? (Better trannies? Better wood for the cabinet? Better quality tubes available in 1959? Or maybe because that was the year Roy Buchanan arguably invented modern hard rock guitar with the leads on Dale Hawkins' "Suzie-Q"... at least according to his version of what went down.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. So if the 2rd number (6) refers to the Bassman model then...  
1 is a Champ  
2 is a Princeton  
3 is a Deluxe  
4 is a Super  
5 is a Pro  
6 is a ???  
7 is a Bandmaster  
8 is a Twin  
9 is a Tremolux  
10 is a Harvard  
11 is a Vibrolux  
12 is a Concert  
13 is a ???  
14 is a Showman  
15 is the Reverb unit  
16 is a Vibroverb  
... but you already knew that! I guess I've been redundant referring to a "5F6A bassman" since there is no 5F6A version of anything else. Now that you explained it, it makes much more sense than the non-unique AB763-style numbering system! (Of course, almost all of the AB763 reverb amps use practically the same circuit except for the trannies and type/number of power tubes so they could draw up one schematic and cut and paste different names etc on it!)

J Fletcher Steve,I thought that was James Burt... -- 4/15/1999 7:35 AM