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Re: EF86 input tube (wow!)

4/9/1999 10:32 AM
MJ Harnish
Re: EF86 input tube (wow!)
As a follow-up, I tested the channel at practice briefly and it sounds very good but does have a bit too much gain for my tastes. As an experiment I tried a boss DS-1 with the gain set at 2:00 and the level at 12:00 in front of it (it's the only somewhat hi-gain pedal I have access to). With my LP I can get over 2 minutes of sustain from a single note. This is without utilizing any real feedback (other than I'm in the same room with the sound; my back is to the cab and I was 3' away from it) and with the amp at non-deafening levels (you could easily shout over it). It was bizarre to hit a note and have it just go on and on and on. I finally gave up. Next time I'll actually see how long she'll sustain...  

Mook How did you hook it up. Oh please,... -- 4/9/1999 11:05 AM