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Re: Speaker Emulation EQ

4/7/1999 5:28 AM
Re: Speaker Emulation EQ
There are a few sources:  
1) LHX2 website for the most accurate emulations of Marshall and Fender cabinets.  
2) Guitar Player mag "tube preamp under $99" (in fact a SIAB copy). There's a simple (switchable) speaker emulator.  
3) The unofficial H&K site has schematics of the Cream Machine, etc. all of them include simple emulators, I guess they are the same used in the Red Box.  
4) Do a patent search for the GT speaker emulator, it includes a reactive load and a freq response simulation.  
5) Many amps in the Tube Amp book have "compensated" recording outputs, but most of them are just RC low pass filters. The Mesa Studio Preamp has a passive RLC low pass filter that should be more accurate.  
If you want to design your own, try an active low pass filter with a corner freq around 4KHz. You'll need at least a 4th order filter. You can add a switchable first order high pass filter to emulate open back cabinets.