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EF86 input tube (wow!)

4/6/1999 2:59 PM
MJ Harnish
EF86 input tube (wow!)
I finally put together the 2nd preamp for my DIY 5F6A. It uses just a single EF86 and is based on the AC-15 preamp. Essentially I just have the option of either using an EF86 or a 12AY7 as the input tube (no footswitching yet though) since I mated the two preamps just prior to the tone stack and switch between them using the unused bright switch. The results....  
YOW!!!! The EF86 has mega-gain. The amp is screaming with the volume at 3. It's the most dynamic thing I've ever played; you can control the amp's clean/distortion tone entirely with the guitar's volume control and pick attack, and subtle changes make a BIG difference (and they sound good).  
I still have to tweak the circuit a bit (it hums more than it should and I think I want to back off the gain a tad), but I'm really surprised at the results so far. Tonight I'm going to really give it a trial by fire tonight at practice but so far it gets two thumbs up. Now I know why so many people really seem to dig those Dr. Z amps that use the EF86. Maybe I need one... :O)  

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