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Re: Stripped 72 Twin Reverb

2/27/1999 9:13 PM
Re: Stripped 72 Twin Reverb
Hi Everyone, I appreciate all the ideas and inputs to my original post. I've been working seven days a week for a few weeks now and have not had the time to start the project. Hopefully soon! What brand caps do any of you recommend for coupling and tone? I have on hand, spragues for power supply, orange drops and and Xicon for tone, coupling? Any other suggestions to squeeze out every bit of tone? How about resistors in the signal path? I've got some carbon comps and carbon films. How about the metal types? Or any other types? I don't mind a little grain even on the clean sound. Just don't want this thing to sound sterile. I don't have my game plan all in order yet. I basically like to start from a proven design and then add a couple of touches here and there to make it more of my own creation. So, a brief review is like this: I've got a 72 twin with main board removed, was in good working order, bought it brand new, trannys are all good, sockets are good, pots are good, but have some new CTS if I need them. I'm eliminating the trem circuit, keeping the reverb, have at least two different preamps and a mix control to blend the two. Haven't decided on the tube types yet. I need to draw this thing out before I start. Am installing a new fiberglass board so can have as many eyelets as I want basically. Do you think it's necessary that I install line in/out jacks? Maybe that's just adding garbage into the signal path. Also, there's the subject of speakers. It's a 2 12 cabinet and I need to install better speakers than the Utahs. Of course I may have to use a closed back cabinet at times but would like it to sound great with an open back as well. Well, that's all my ramblings for now. Thanks again, Terry Oh, btw, I've got a traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster on the bench that I purchased for $10 at a music store over a year ago, replaced the power supply caps and put in couple of Svetlana EL-34's, sounds pretty good, just got to bias it a little hotter. But the treble cap on the guitar channel is a .001 and that's just too much in my face. So, I will lower that and also experiment with the other tone caps. Is anyone familiar with this amp and have you modded it to Marshall specs? I'll tell you the truth, wish I had a dozen Traynor amps to play with. I think they are pretty darn good amps, at least for the chassis and trannys if nothing else. Ok, that's all for now. Thanks again.