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How do you do the italics?

2/26/1999 9:47 AM
Steve Jones
How do you do the italics?
What I really want to know R.G., is how the heck you do replies on this forum and put the text from the post you're replying to in italics? What's the secret?  
Also, please look at my other post on the way I'm currently wiring my grounding and advise. Right now, the star ground is actually attached to the filter cap. Should I remove it and use instead the non-grounded lug on a terminal strip, and then tie the terminal strip to the filter cap?  

R.G. The Ampage webmaster thoughtfully p... -- 2/26/1999 9:58 AM
Steve Jones What I really want to know R.G.,... -- 2/26/1999 9:59 AM