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Re: Vox Preamp Final(?) Schematic: Comments Welcome

2/10/1999 11:49 AM
Joe Fuzz
Re: Vox Preamp Final(?) Schematic: Comments Welcome
You can also refer to the difference as being pre-eq distortion vs. post-eq distortion...  
Gotcha. I wasn't sure if we were talking about frequency response or impedance. Sounds like we were talking about both.  
Anyway, I think I've reach a "hack from" point with the schematic. (IOW, I'll build it from this schematic and "hack it in." :-)) Click here to see rev 6. Note: since this gif is so wide, you may want to right-click on the link, then select Open in New Window from the resulting pop-up menu.  
You'll notice that while the shape of the tone circuit is definately Fender, the overall impedance has been brought closer to the Vox circuit while still retaining the Fender's frequency response curve (more or less).