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Re: Rotating Speaker Blueprints?

11/25/1998 9:39 AM
Re: Rotating Speaker Blueprints?
It's sad but true!! You can buy stuff pretty cheap at a few of the key stores around upstate.  
I just bought an old Epiphone "pacemaker" amp, Jensen 6" speaker, 12AX7, 5Y3, & a 68MB for $125.00, near mint condition.  
I bought a Gretsch 2-10" combo, dual channle, tremelo, 2-6973's (converted to EL84's), 3-12AX7's, and a 5Y3 for $150.00.  
If you're looking for anything please let me know and I'll hook you up! I don't need a finder's fee or any of that nonsense. I like to see people get good quality gear who have an ear for tone.  
Here's a few things I know that are still for sale;  
- Marshall Major '71 SHOWROOM condition and in a roadcase (not one itty bitty mark on it)  
- 2=Fender Music Man heads (early 70's)  
- 2=Ampeg V-4 heads (great condititon)  
- 1=Ampeg V-2 head (great condition)  
- 1=Sound City 120 head (good condition)  
- 1=Univox head (good condition)  
can't remember the model #  
- 1=Gretsch combo (this one is really weird  
it has a seperate tube for reverb and some  
really funky tubes  
- 1=Ampeg 1-15" combo (I forget the model#)  
the tolex is missing, the mic channel is  
not working (other 3 do) and it sounds  
fantastic (I already have one)

Whit Trace, Hey, neighbor, than... -- 11/25/1998 11:33 AM