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Re: transformer caps question

11/13/1998 8:46 PM
Re: transformer caps question
What is the AC voltage that your "200" volt transformer puts out prior to rectification? Just guessing, I presume that you have solid state rectifiers? If so, you can probably use most any electrolytic capacitor of sufficient voltage rating - if you have a tube rectifier you should limit the first filter cap to around 40 uf or so.  
As to changing the transformer, you need to determine the peak DC voltage after rectification (1.414 x AC rms voltage) and use capacitors that are a bit higher than this voltage - if you have a tube rectifier you can subtract some of the voltage drop across the rectifier. Make sure the replacement tranny can handle the filament current(s).  

clueless Well i finally got the transformer ... -- 11/15/1998 10:09 PM