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Re: Eminence alnico 10's

10/15/1998 12:57 PM
Mike D.
Re: Eminence alnico 10's
>Just curious; how did you like the Eminance ceramic 10"?  
I like the ceramic Eminence 10's. I recently bought a bunch of "poor man's" vintage guitar amps (Harmony, Silvertone, Valco, etc.) Four of them had the fabled Jensen alnico speakers in them. Quite honestly, I was disappointed with their sound. This may be because they were 30 - 40 years old, I don't know, but they really didn't float my boat. These may not have been the same grade of Jensens that were installed in old Fenders, they may have been the el-cheapo line of Jensens. Whatever the case, I put in the Eminence. They work fine with these amps (ranging from 3 - 15 watts).  
I guess it all depends on what your requirements are, and your subjective interpretation of "good tone".  
Now maybe the Eminence sound crappy with 100 watt amps, competing with an overly loud drummer, Ampeg SVT bass rig, Keyboards and a second guitar player with a 100 watt Marshall and a screaming vocalist with a 800 watt PA system that has to be massively EQ'ed to keep feedback under control, in a 12'x 20' room covered with old cat-pee-stained carpet...  
Anyway, give the cheap Eminence a try. I have two little EL84 amps both with Eminence, and with an Epiphpone Casino, they sound a lot like the Beatles records, which I think is a killer guitar tone. If you don't like the Eminence, so what, you're only out $50 for a pair of speakers, which you can probably sell to some fool like me.  
Keep us informed on your amp, sounds like a real cool project.  
-Mike Donovan  
certified cheapskate Eminence speaker user.

Bill R. Mike: your comment struck home with... -- 10/15/1998 5:40 PM