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Question: How to select a choke?

10/11/1998 10:38 PM
Question: How to select a choke?
I'm in the process of building my first amp and was wondering how to select a choke for a power supply.  
I'm building a 60W Mark IIC+ power section from a Mesa schematic and was wondering what the choke value was for the power supply.  
The schematic can be seen at  
I have an actual MarkII power supply that has a 345-0-345 secondary. I'm not sure about the current rating. I didn't receive any information with transformer and had to measure the the taps myself. If I had to guess I would say around 200ma, but I have no idea. How can I measure that correctly/safely?  
There is a 7 volt drop across the choke/inductor going from 480 to 473 volts.  
Also, where is a good source of chokes? Hammond seems to have plenty.  

Bruce Hammomd does make a pretty good lin... -- 10/12/1998 8:54 AM