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Motorola Tube Stereo/building-repairing

9/25/1998 12:02 PM
Motorola Tube Stereo/building-repairing
Last night, my early 60's Motorola console stereo started to cut out after it would warm up. After some troubleshooting, I presume it's the capacitors finally giving up. I love this stereo- I get two distinct tones from the cabinets, so you can really tweak some great vibes out of it. I use it as my at home setup for playing- I tried plugging in as an experiment, only to find it sounded better than my amp I play with!  
I called a couple repair places- one laughed about repairing something so old, the other said he'd do a cap job for $400. I dig the sound, but I could go and buy a decent amp for a couple hundred more. I would like to look into a) repairing it myself or b) building an amp from my fallen friend from Chicago.  
If any of you could suggest a solution or a guide for a beginner building an amp, I'd appreciate it.  
Thank you,  

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