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Re: Speaker repair help needed...(m)

8/18/1998 10:08 AM
Erik M. Wood
Re: Speaker repair help needed...(m)
Joe, I just had this same problem in an old Ampeg Reverberocket II. I was working on for a friend. I was just wiring in a grounded power cord for the amp. Of course, I had to disconnect everything to remove the chasis, but upon pulling the speaker wires off of the terminals, one of the terminals broke off! I guess it was weak from many years of use. Well, I freaked out for a minute, knowing that this speaker would be difficult, if not impossible and very expensive to replace. However, once I regained my composure, I managed to fit a thin machine screw through the hole in the frame the terminal was attached to. Using some ingenuity, I bolted onto it, two new terminals -one to each side of the frame. I pirated them off of a spare phenolic terminal strip used for the speaker outs on my hi fi amp. Remember to unscrew the existing screw before you remove it from the phenolic board. Then clip off the excess metal to make it a nice little smooth "L" shaped piece with the terminal on on leg, and the screw hole on the other.  
It took some wrestling to solder the loose wire from the cone to the inside terminal, but after a little trial and error, I discovered the best way to do this was before I fastened it onto the screw with the bolt. The outside terminal was already threaded on, and wasnt a problem. After the whole thing was sandwiched together, I let a little solder flow into the spaces between the screw head and the hole in the frame to make it more snug and increase conductivity. In the end, I think I created a stronger terminal than had originally been there.  
I hope this has addressed your problem.  
Good luck.