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Re: how do i bias my tube amp?

8/5/1998 6:51 AM
Re: how do i bias my tube amp?
Those SwAMP probes are a great bargain! I did purchase the Alessandro unit so I'll describe it for you. It comes in a black plastic box that measures 7 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2". It has 2 analogue meters on the front that have a range of 0 - 100 mA. There is a sticker on the front that lists recommended ranges for 6V6 class A (40-50 mA), 6V6 class AB (30 mA), 6L6 class AB (30-35 mA), and EL34 class AB (35-40 mA). The sockets are attached to the unit by leads that are nearly 3 feet long. The only advantage the Alessandro unit has is that you can measure both tubes at once. You would need 2 DMM's to do that with the SwAMP probes.