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Which coaxial hookup whire to use?

8/3/1998 12:56 PM
Erik M. Wood
Which coaxial hookup whire to use?
Hey, again.  
I've noticed that in O'Connor's books and in other resources, the use of coaxial wire is suggested to minimize noise pickup, especially in the preamp stages of an amplifier, where the signals are small and the gain is large. Now, Andre Jute suggests the use of UL listed 1015 cable as the minimum safety requirement for tube amp construction. He likes Belden wire (short of Cardas Audio hookup wire, which I can't afford), and I have no problem with that, as Belden seems to be one of the most the most commonly available brands. My question is what to look for when buying hookup wire? What gauge of wire is considered standard? Do I want solid core or stranded core? Do I want computer data grade cable for it's wide bandwidth, or do I want audio grade cable? I would think the former would be beneficial. Do I want teflon insulation or PVC?  
Any help would be appreciated.  

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