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Silvertone reverb problem...

8/3/1998 12:46 PM
Erik M. Wood
Silvertone reverb problem...
First of all, I'm impressed that the postboard system knew who I was before I could tell it. Most impressive, young Skywalker...  
Here's my question. My guitar player friend has an old Silvertone Twin Twelve guitar amp, in which the reverb distorts badly when turned up more than a quarter of the way or so. I know this question has been posted and answered before, but I couldn't seem to locate any of the relevant discussion in the archives, so I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem. It sounds to me as if the gain of the tube has simply been set too high. Perhaps it's simply a design flaw? If so, how would you suggest I correct the problem? Also, is the only schematic to be found of this amp in Gerald Webber's book?  
Thanks, for any advice.  

Doc These things didn't really have a q... -- 8/3/1998 1:54 PM