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Re: Thanks

8/1/1998 12:46 AM
John Dillinger
Re: Thanks
>I recall as a kid, listening to my dad's big >console  
>type tube stereo and I remember it as having >a  
>distinctly different (warmer?) sound than >anything  
>I've heard since. Of course, this could be  
>attributed to many factors I suppose.  
The factor is that solid state basically  
sucks rocks. The Motorola in my '34 Vicky  
sounded better than most SS. Well, it really wasn't my Vicky, I kinda borrowed it from the  
Crown Point Police Dept.  
If one wants to hear a Dynaco used as a guitar amp, no problem...try a Sunn.  
They shoulda been called DynaSunns, except for the preamp, they're practically a Dynaco ripoff, right down to the transformers.  
No shit, check out the diagrams, compare the  
transformers. Dynaco..

Richie John; I don't know too much about t... -- 8/1/1998 4:50 AM