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Re: Dynaco ST70 Question

7/29/1998 4:51 AM
Re: Dynaco ST70 Question
Yeah, after I get the Dynaco up and running I was going to try running the stereo outputs from a Digitech fx processor into the St-70, then into a V-30 loaded stereo Marshall cab. It may turn out to be a cool sound....I'm willing to try most things (at least once!)  
I must confess...this Dynaco is a little before my time. Its kind on interesting how I came accross this. I work with a gentleman who is getting ready to retire this month and his wife tasked him with cleaning out the house of all unnecessary "junk." He knew that I play in a band and have a small collection of old tube amps and figured that I would have an interest in the old Dynaco.......when he gave it to me he explained how in the "old days" people built their own Hi-Fi stuff because that was the only way to get quality sound. As he was telling the tale of "how it used to be"...I swear that there was some misting in his eye (I pretended not to notice)..All in all, I was lucky to be given something like this...and even more so to have a person I greatly respect share his memories with me.  
Have Fun