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previous: stephen delft Haven't tried the O'Connor p-p reve... -- 7/29/1998 12:10 AM View Thread

Re: O'Connor Verb driver

7/29/1998 12:55 AM
John Dillinger
Re: O'Connor Verb driver
Like usual, the New Zealanders are th  
about the only folks on god's green earth  
with a lick of common sense.  
Ultra clean reverb?  
Try ...a nice line-output xfmr,  
say an old Altec 15095 driven  
by a 6SN7 or 6CG7, into an  
Accutronics "E" tank. Plate cap-coupled  
to the primary.  
Or..same deal, but a Jensen or  
UTC 20KCT line-output xfmr driven  
by a PP 6SN7 or 6CG7.  
A triode connected power tube, capacitor  
coupled, a la Ampeg, to an "F" tank.

stephen delft JD said "New Zealanders are abo... -- 7/29/1998 5:52 AM