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Re: schematic drawing software

7/23/1998 1:49 AM
Steve A.
Re: schematic drawing software
    I found a few other tricks that GSView can do (besides convert landscape EPS files to sideways PDF files).  
    Select File:Print and then scroll through the list to "bmpmono". Click on the box for "Print to File" and select a resolution of 300dpi. Presto! Change-o! You now have a BMP file that can be edited and converted into a GIF file for a web site. I use JASC's Image Commander shareware program to rotate and crop the image, and then convert it into a GIF file. (There are colored BMP options as well.)  
    For the best EPS output I select "Postcript Level 2 file" for my printer and set the resolution to 600dpi. Under the advanced options I turn off the Resolution Enhancement (it makes the lines too thick) and set the output format to EPS. You may need to make a few trial runs to make sure that the EPS file contains the whole drawing.  
    Thanks again for the tip about GS and GSView! I may try the AI conversion from the DOS prompt since there doesn't seem to be that option with GSV.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I used to have a $250 program to print out PS files on my DeskJet printer about 10 years ago, but the name escapes me. There was no user interface to speak of so I'd run a batch file in one DESQview window for the print jobs while my w.p. was in another... all on my lowly 286 with 3 megs of RAM (which I think ran faster than a 486 with 8 megs using Win95!)