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Re: Project done: "Pro Maniac" schematic posted on-line

7/18/1998 12:56 PM
Steve A.
Re: Project done: "Pro Maniac" schematic posted on-line
    Just dl'd Mayura Draw 3.1 beta version, and I was testing out the various export options (which seem to be the same as 3.0).  
    The one export format that works GREAT is the .PDF format for Adobe Acrobat. Everybody has (or can get) the Acrobat reader for free, and it has become one of the standards for IRS forms or on-line copies of printed service manuals or catalogs. One advantage/disadvantage of the .PDF format is that the files can't be edited with the Adobe Acrobat reader. (An unscrupulous person could take your Mayura Draw file and delete your name and write in their own! 'Course we don't have people like that here at AMPAGE but you might consider that if you started your own page...)  
    The BMP, WMF and TIF export formats do not work well at all, reducing your fonts to an indecipherable blur, and the .EPS and .AI formats could not be read by several programs I tested them with.  
    To export your drawing in .PDF format, select File:Export from the menu bar and then click on the down arrow for "Save as type:" and select "Adobe Acrobat files (*.PDF)". Type in the name (including the PDF extension) and then click OK. Voila- you now have a file that can be viewed on-line by anyone with the Adobe Acrobat reader.  
Steve Ahola