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Re: spitfire questions

7/13/1998 8:29 AM
Jack Orman
Re: spitfire questions
I've been doing some work with pentode preamps for guitar use and started out with the intent to use the EF86. Seems like the audio guys have been scooping them up and driving the price up as well. Even the new mfg. Svetlana's are about $9.00.  
Some other good quality, low distortion pentodes are the 6AH6, 6DK6, 6EJ7 and 6AC7 - all of which I have seen for less than $4.00 and according to a Glass Audio article, perform as well or better than the EF86. The 7-pin mini base seems to be common in small pentode tubes but some are 8 or 9 pin.  
This has also lead me to work on a pentode powered tube compressor. Still refining that design...  
regards, Jack

Mike B Jack,Thanks for the info. I agr... -- 7/13/1998 12:23 PM