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Re: More on chokes?

7/5/1998 10:31 PM
Re: More on chokes?
Actually, what I'm building is a hunch....  
I've found that I can get a very good approximation of the sound (Matchless/Vox with "an edge") I'm after if I use a single ended class A champ type thing to drive a second amp thru a line-out off the speaker jack, like on a Boogie. I've played around with a half dozen or so single power tube amps using 6V6, 6L6, EL84, (Premier, Magnatone, lafayette, etc.)and have pretty well worked out what l like/don't like.  
Similiarly, I've tried push pull cathode and fixed biased amps in addition to SS amps for the 2nd part. tube complements have included quads of 7868's, EL34's, pairs of EL84's, 6V6, 6L6, 6973, 7591, well you get the idea.  
I've backed into building a champ that can handle a 6AQ5, and another that runs a 6L6, 5881 or 6V6 driving a second amp with preamp and push-pull 6L6 pair as what's gonna suit my output levels, playing style and ear.The tone stacks on the 2 champs are set for way different rolloff. Instead of having this setup in a half dozen boxes, I'm working the whole mess up on a single chassis.  
I'd like to do a multi channel amp with the second amps being the dual 6L6 fender type project and later add an AC30 knock off. The problem in getting that matchless/vox sound out of the EL84's as I see it is getting the right OT's.  
In parting out a Webcor tape deck with SE audio section, I noticed that it had a choke integral with the OT which handles the "magic eye." Got me to thinking if this thing or others might be modified in any way to get me closer ....  
Anyway, I've pieced together the schematic of this Knight/Blackface 50/Brownface preamp project. A while ago, the webmaster was able to post a schematic for an AC amp design that Doc was able to help me with. Interested in taking a look?  
see ya